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     We live in an era where mind is the master of the universe which is driven by the force of problem-solving and learning enthusiasts. The world now looks for every possible method that can sharpen their skills and enhance the I.Q. Of, the many practices followed to enhance our mind; one practice is playing the game of chess.
     A game of chess requires an individual to think hard, analyze, plan, and then execute based on strategic calculations. Chess is also a valuable game due to its intelligent connotations. For instance chess is considered to be a smart person’s game, and it is expected that people involved with the game are smarter than the average person. It is also that it is not a mere assumption but a rather proved statics obtained after a well taken survey for the last 30 years, which shows an increase in the IQ of an average person when he/she get involved in regular practice in chess. provides you a very user friendly and easy interface to practice your chess skills. With a set of over 10 games, we offer multiple options to our chess player to practice and enhance their chess skills. The game comes with multiple screen size options as well is just a click away to begin with. So, whenever you feel like practicing a game or two all you need to do, connect to your internet and get started with any of the game options. The best thing is it’s free.

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