If you are looking for an online chess game that is simple yet soothing to your eyes, Asischess is the game just for you. The game is yet another simple online chess game, yet it provides one of the best neat and clean user interfaces.
     The main idea in Asischess is to develop your strategies, get your pieces out quickly and castle as soon as possible so as to bring your king back to safety. The game gives some hard time to players and is just like its competitors aimed at enhancing the user expertise.
     Asischess is one of the best flash online chess games available for free. To initiate a game, you need to click on Asischess which will take you to the game dashboard where you can initiate a game against the computer. Once you go from one game to another, the level of difficulty automatically increases.
     Some of the common rules followed in chess old online game are pointed below. The king needs to move two squares in the direction of the rook to castle. You can move the knight in diagonal direction inside same set of colors.
     Asischess brings to the table a beautiful and resizable interface that can automatically please to go with the game. The game also has a unique feature of think now, which enables a user to automate its move, whenever in trouble.
Asischess is that online chess game which every user to like to have a go once because of its unique and beautiful interface.

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