Play Chess Against Computer

     Chess against computer offers a basic interface to play the basic online chess game. It has a simple interface and is again meant for users with little or no experience with the game.
     Chess against computer gives a chance to its user to play a game against a basic chess computer. It’s a free game which allows the users to learn new skills as well as practice old ones. The game needs no download and uses a 3D interface.
     Chess against the computer when clicked directly takes you to the game board, without any login or signup. The game offers a basic play level without any choices of levels of play. You are randomly assigned the black or the white pieces.
     Chess against computer follows the actual rules of the game of chess. However here are some rules that can come handy. The game starts only when the white piece makes its move. The bishops can move only in diagonal direction whereas the rook moves in a straight line along all directions.
     Chess against computer has a normal interface just like the entry level online chess game. The game has, however, one additional feature to take back a move in case the user has placed a wrong move. Chess against computer enables to get familiar with the rules of the game as well help you get expertise against the basic computer. Chess against computer is a must have game for its user.