Chess Maniac

     Chess Maniac is an online chess game developed by Asha games. The game has somewhat similar characteristics like chess two player but with a better interface.
     Chess maniac is again a game meant for beginners or individuals who want to try online chess game without any payment or difficulties. The game has simple rules based on the original game of chess and has the basic idea to allow beginners enhance their skills.
     Chess maniac is pretty simple to start with. On start-up, the game comes with option to select from that are beginner and hard. On selecting any of the two options, you are taken to the game and you can start playing the game using your skills and the mouse.
     Chess maniac follows the basic rules of the game of chess. However here are some rules that can come handy. The game is won only when the king is checkmated. The pieces are moved by the cursor, once a piece is drawn with the cursor and the cursor is taken off from the piece after moving it, the move cannot be retracted unless the move is false or illegal.
     Chess Maniac has an easy interface with well laid out structure. There is an additional option of restarting the game in the window. The interface, however, seems attractive given the fact that it uses colorful patterns through the board. Chess Maniac is a game with some very simple interface and easy load options, which makes it one of the best options for the newbie as well professional players.

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