Chess 2 Player

     Chess 2 Player is the simplest online chess game aiming to give new users a first hand at the game. The game comes with a simple interface and is a must play for beginners who want to enhance their skills.
     Chess 2 Player is basically meant for individuals to get a try at the game and learn the basics while at the same time enhancing their skills. The basic idea behind the game is to enable you to play a game without the need of downloading any app or pay a premium version.
     To get started with the game you need to select the pieces you want to play with and you are on with the game. The game also offers three levels of online chess easily categorized by a beginner, easy and medium. Chess 2 player can be also played with some very basic interaction and has a fast loading interface.
     Some of the basic rules related to chess 2 players are pointed down as below. The queen is the most powerful piece and can move only in one direction. For every piece lost, you lose few points based on the importance of the piece.
     Chess 2 player has very simple yet a fast loading interface. The game does not boast of many side options like tips or help and comes with the only option of the new game. If you are a beginner and looking to settle down your hands on the game and practice a bit, Chess 2 Player is the game to go with.

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