Flash Chess

     Flash chess enables a user to get a feel of the original hardcover board that is generally used to play offline chess. With a nice interface, and near real design, Flash chess is the perfect online chess game for its newbie or experienced users.
     With one of the best flash versions, the game offers various chess features as an intuitive interface. The basic idea behind the game is that can you marshal all your pieces and achieve checkmate in the minimum timely manner?
     Just like other online flash chess games, Flash chess has an easy interface, where you could be on the game board with a single click. Once on the game board you can choose from various levels of difficulty and select it according to your skills. Once selected you can play the game with various built in features such as redo.
     Some of the common rules followed in chess old online game are pointed below. A player can claim draw incase the same result appears three time in the game. A player can claim a draw incase no capture has been made and no pawn has been moved in the last 50 moves.
     Flash chess is one of the many few online chess games that tend to provide an interface similar to the chess game played offline and hence one of the best. The games also comes with download and play as well as change language setting features, which is a big plus point for the game. Flash chess is the apt game if you want to enjoy the real games assets in an online interface.

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