Obama Chess

     Want to put up a fight against the Obama administration, or want to fight for him? Well now virtually you can. Obama Chess brings to you an online chess game for the fight to capture the White house.
     Obama Chess is based on simple ideologies of online chess game, but with a more practical approach. You need to fight for or against the administration to take what is rightfully yours while at the same time enhancing your skills.
     Once you click on the game, you will be sent to the game board. On the game board you can choose from the advanced, casual or beginner. You will be randomly given the Obama administration or the Clinton administration to choose from. Once you win a level, you will be automatically taken to the next level with a random administration.
     Some of the common rules followed in chess old online game are pointed below. A player can claim draw incase the same result appears three time in the game. A player can claim a draw incase no capture has been made and no pawn has been moved in the last 50 moves.
     Obama chess clearly beats its rival when it comes to interface and UI. The game offers a piece of reality in the virtual world, which is very unusual. The games also comes with download and play as well as change language setting features, which is a big plus point for the game. So, if you are looking to take on the administration or fight against it in the virtual world, Obama chess can be a game of your choice.

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