Robo Chess

     Robo chess enables a user to get a feel of the future age chess board that is used to play with a speaking human robot. With a nice technical interface, and near realistic future design, Robot chess is the perfect online chess game for its newbie or experienced users.
     With one of the best flash versions, and futuristic feel the game is mostly meant for new users. The game is meant to enhance your skills as well as try out new moves that can make you an expert.
     Just as the other online flash chess games, Robot chess has a very techy interface, where you could be on the game board with a single click. Once the game board your humanoid robot will tell you the further points. Once you start game the humanoid robot will be there as you partner.
     Some of the common rules followed in chess old online game are pointed below. A player gets draw if the same result comes three times in the game. A player can use castling to enhance their defense.
     Robot chess is one of the many few online chess games that tend to offer an interface with a techy, fictional and future oriented style. However the interface misses on the other options and comes bundled with only new game option. Robot chess is the apt game if you want to enjoy the real games assets in an online interface.

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