Shredder Chess

     The Shredder chess provides a game playing and analysis tool for everybody and is accepted as one of the best chess programs in the world since in its inception. Since the year 1996 Shredder has own eighteen world computer chess championship which makes it the most successful chess program ever.
     Shredder chess unlike any other chess games, in addition to outstanding player strength, is also able to mimic or copy the moves or play of human chess player with any typical playing strength. The basic idea of the game is provide more precise human like thinking interface along with analysis of the playing strength.
     You can try playing Shredder online and play against three different levels of difficulty. The Shredder has a unique game interface and sometimes it can make a much stronger and sometimes it can make a much weaker move also. Of course, the mouse is your best buddy and you have to use it to make your moves.
     Although the general rules are similar to a regular game of chess. Here are a few rules, that come handy in a Shredder chess game: You may not castle if your king has to cross a square on which it would be in check. For each task you score ten points, a wrong click, hint or take back loses you points.
     Shredder chess provides a very interactive and user friendly interface that makes it one of the best in the competition. Even if you are newbie it’s easy to play the game with various helping options such as hint, take back. The game also provides various interface option like change orientation, animation, preferences. All said and told the truth is that you cannot say it until you play it. So try a hand at the Shredder chess and enhance your playing skills.

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