Launched in 2002, Spark chess is a single player and multi-player chess game that provides a relatively easier graphical interface with 3D presentation. With over 420,000 weekly users Spark chess is one the most popular chess game around.
     The main idea of Spark chess is to enable a user play against players with same level of skills and gradually enhance the difficulty level with every win. The game provides the user to select their opponent according to their level of knowledge whenever a user starts the game along with notified suggestions.
     Once you go to the website, you can click on the desired difficulty level in case of playing against the computer. In case you want to play a multi-player game, you need to create an account and invite other users for an online game. The game is automatically is saved after each move and also comes with a premium version.
     Spark chess has its fundamental rules based on the real chess game, however here are few common rules related to the game: The pawn will be promoted to queen only if it reaches the last rank. Stalemate will occur only when the player who must move has neither any legal moves nor in check.
     Spark chess provides a unique interface that makes players of all level comfortable to choose their similar competitors level. With a 3D interface, the online game comes with various interface option such as undo, replay. The game also comes with help me and analyzes move options that are available in the premium version of the game. Spark chess is one of the best multi-player online chess game in the competition and is definitely worth a game.

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