Ultimate Chess

     Let’s go to the medieval time, where battles were fought upon with swords and pawns followed your commands with gratitude. Ultimate chess brings it all to the virtual world with a great design and interface.
     The main idea of the game is to enjoy the medieval time rivalry while using your pawns, knights, rooks to win the game as soon as possible. The game also provides increasing level of difficulty with each passing game to test your skills.
     Once a user enters the game board, and the game is loaded he/she can start a game by clicking on play game. A user can also know about the game rules as well check his/her achievements in the main menu console.
     Some of the common rules followed in chess old online game are pointed below. In a game against computer you must either beat him or stalemate him to win the game. If a king is in check and nothing can be done to save him, he is checkmated.
     Ultimate chess is way ahead of its competition when it comes to interface. The game comes bundled with sound, animation and effective moves. It also provides some cool animation effects when you command a pawn or when your piece is replacing enemy piece or getting replaced. Ultimate chess also provides options like undo turn for its user. Ultimate chess is by far one of the best online chess games with cool animation effects and user friendly game method.

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